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PETITFÉE Pep tightening eye cream

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    Enhanced with the ‘Power Lift’ formula to strengthen your cells, improve eye rim barrier, and tighten your skin for a lifted appearance, the preventive & anti aging Petitfee Pep-tightening Eye Cream is a genius Korean formula infused with nourishing essentials like Peptides and 8 other active ingredients to effectively get rid of early signs of aging on the face such as fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and smile lines around your eyes and mouth. This non sticky Korean eye cream comfortably wraps around your eye rim, under eyes, and around the mouth without leaving a greasy texture behind. 

    Whether you want to use the pep tightening eye cream before makeup application or after using , this chemical & cruelty free Korean eye cream can be conveniently incorporated in your morning and night skincare routine to repair, replenish, and restructure your skin cells for a lifted, firm, and youthful-looking complexion!   

    Shelf Life: 36 months.

    Made in Korea.


    Water, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, methyl hydrogenated rosinate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, phytosteryl/octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate, butylene glycol, cetearyl glucoside, glyceryl stearate, palmitic acid, 1,2-hexandiol, stearic acid, madecassoside, coffea arabica (coffee) seed extract, yeast extract, glycine soja (soybean) germ extract, solanum lycopersicum (tomato) fruit extract, saccharide hydrolysate, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, tocopherol, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol, ubiquinone, ceramide NP, phospholipids, cholesterol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, tocopheryl acetate, adenosine, disodium edta, ethylhexylglycerin, acetyl hexapeptide-8, sorbitan isostearate, polyisobutene, polyacrylate-13, polysorbate 20, fragrance.

    How it works:

    Developed with a Power lift formula that focuses on strengthening the barrier of eye rim, this non-sticky, cozy pep tightening eye cream comfortably wraps around your eye rim and leaves no sticky residue behind! 

    Perfect to use before applying makeup or after using other skincare products, our chemical & cruelty free eye cream has a three-step pep tightening mechanism to reduce the visibility of aging signs effectively:-

    1. Full up and recharge your under eyes with water & nutrients for intense hydration.
    2. Tighten your loose under eye folds + Fix damaged cells for a lifted look.
    3. Create fresh protective layers to safeguard the tender skin around eyes.


    Enriched with nutrients that boost the resilience of your eye rim and control the early signs of aging from worsening, our pep-tightening eye cream contains a unique blend of nourishing ingredients that tighten your under eyes and reward you with firm, youthful, and glowing skin!

    Key Ingredients:

    1. Peptides
    2. Ceramides
    3. Coffee seed extract
    4. Andenosine
    5. Acetyl HexaPeptide-8
    7. Madecassoside
    8. Tomatidine
    9. Ubiquinone
    10. Tocopheral Vitamin E derivative
    11. PRO-HYAL


    The pep tightening eye cream provides a myriad of benefits which can be compared before and after its daily application for about 20-27 days:-

    1. Facilitates intensive repair of skin cells at the epidermal layer to restructure, replenish, and renew the skin’s elasticity & improve firmness.
    2. Effectively reduces the visibility of early signs of aging noticed on the face such as around the eyes, mouth, and forehead, including wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines. 
    3. Provides a hydration boost to dry, dull, and dehydrated under eyes skin & delicate eye rim by supplying the nourishment of moisturizing ingredients deep within the eye skin.
    4. Works effectively to reduce the appearance of smile lines around your mouth and fine lines on the forehead at a young age.
    5. Daily & consistent usage of the preventive eye treatment cream ensures that the aging signs do not get more prominent and keeps skin healthy. 
    6. Effortlessly tightens and firms up your loose skin along with diminishing the appearance of fine lines. 

    How to use:

    Using the best non-sticky pep tightening and firming eye cream is as effortless as any other treatment cream. Here are the few steps you can follow to apply the preventive ey cream during your morning and night skincare routine:-

    For eye wrinkles:-

    1. Take a pea-sized amount of the thick, Korean pep tightening eye cream on your ring finger and layer it over your eye rim, under eye area, and areas where the wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet are visible.
    2. Gently massage the thick layer of the best tightening and firming eye cream until the formula turns white as you lift the eye rim. 

    For face wrinkles:-

    1. Take a dot-sized amount of the pep tightening and firming eye cream and apply it to around the mouth where the smile lines appear and other facial areas like the forehead, where you notice aging signs and loose skin. 
    2. Massage the tightening eye cream into your skin until it is completely absorbed.


    1. When to use the pep tightening eye cream?

    It is best to use this preventive pep tightening eye cream as the last step during your morning or nighttime skincare routine to ensure your skin undergoes repair and restoration and reaps maximum benefits from the restorative ingredients.  

    The cruelty-free eye cream can be used before makeup to recharge your under eyes or during your PM skincare routine to treat under eye concerns after applying hydrating hydrogel eye patches.   

    1. How do the ingredients in the pep-tightening eye cream help reduce wrinkles? 

    The unique blend of nourishing ingredients, including Peptides & 8 other active ingredients, in the Korean eye cream, seep deep within your skin and use a Power lift formula that strengthens restructures, replenishes, and renews your skin cells at the epidermal level to effectively reduce the visibility of aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and smile lines.

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